By using FaucetDoguecoin, it is assumed that you accept the terms and conditions of our website.


1. IP address and WALLET

1.1 It is not allowed to use more than one IP address account.

1.2 It is not allowed to use multiple Wallet addresses.

1.3 You are not allowed to use emails to make a DOGE claim.

2. Referred

2.1 You can recommend an unlimited number of users.

2.2 It is not allowed to refer to yourself.

2.3 You are not allowed to spam or force anyone to use FaucetDoguecoin. These events can lead to the suspension of your account.

3. Account Suspension

3.1 You are not allowed to use Robot Bot software applications or other types of automated programs.

3.2 You are not allowed to use anonymous Proxies, VPN or VPS.

3.3 It is not allowed to use Software or Script to solve captcha.

3.4 Try referring yourself to collect commissions.

3.5 Try to lose Three Captcha.

3.6 Try to have multiple accounts.

3.7 Claim DOGE with different IP addresse.

4. Withdraw

4.1 All withdrawals are processed through the

4.2 All withdrawals are sent automatically.

5. Responsibility

5.1 We are not responsible for the types of advertisements that are displayed on our website by our advertisers.

5.2 By using or accessing you are accepting the System Terms and Conditions.

5.3 These terms and conditions of use may be modified at any time without prior notice.



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